The paragraphs below the line are what I originally created this blog for years ago (obviously didn’t last long because, well, Sylvan happened).  Since the site is already established, I’m presently using it for adoption updates.  Maybe eventually I will bring it back to what it was intended for or I will at least get things updated (also maybe not).  Check out the “adoption” tab for what life looks like now. 🙂


These letters are addressed to my current and future children, so that they may gain insight into my heart in parenting them, as well as, a glimpse into our lives as they were raised.  As I write this, our Wildflower is an independent 20-month-old and our Firefly is gently being formed.  Beyond these blessings, I have my handsome husband and our two rambunctious puppies, Timber and Roam.  One of my many passions and chosen profession is as an elementary school counselor.  It is a dream to care for students right where they are, finding their strengths and helping them work toward their best selves, and then getting to come home to my Lovely clan.

While these letters will not be written with perfect grammar and will be far from concise (I’m working on it), they will be written with all my heart and with complete honesty.  I am nothing if not vulnerable.  I have had these thoughts, somewhat displaced, for many years.  They are always profound in my head of course, but they may not translate that way.  I’m okay with that because now I realize, they were never intended for some great debate or for the world to hear.  They were always destined to be the practice for the conversations I would have when my children were ready for them.  The reason I share them with you is because I somewhat view them as thought initiators.  If they trigger any new insight or wisdom by those who read them, all the more to add to my stories for my kids.

You see, I view my purpose in life as having four parts.  I am here to love Christ (and allow His love to be present through my life), to walk with my husband, to lead my children, and to support my students.

I realize my humanness will likely get in the way of these endeavors, especially when it comes to parenting.  I will have moments of anger and impatience.  My responses will sometimes be quick and harsh.  I know that my message will not always come across as eloquently as I had hoped in the moment.  Maybe though, someday, my kids will read these letters and know my intentions all along.  I know I won’t be a perfect mom in the moments I most desire.  So, my hope for these letters is to prepare my heart so that when the direction is needed or the hard questions come up, maybe (just maybe) I will be just a bit more likely to respond in a way that leads them well.