Adoption Prayer Requests

I was planning to skip my last blog post for the week because, well, I’m tired and overwhelmed by all the things.  I looked at the topic for what I had intended to write about tonight and when I read, “prayer requests”, I thought maybe my exhaustion is telling me that it’s time to start asking for help.  Praying for this process is our most desperate request at this time.  I thought I would list some specific prayers we find ourselves repeating so you know where our hearts are in the journey right now.

Pray for perseverance – We look at the list after list of documents that need to be filled out and actions to be completed and it’s hard not to be discouraged.  Pray that we have the endurance to keep moving forward one step at a time even when we feel like crawling in a hole to escape it all for a bit.

Pray for patience – It’s hard to be so excited, but still know we are potentially years out from meeting this sweet little one. 

Pray for trust – There are many things out of our control in this process.  We constantly ask “what if” and get overwhelmed by the unknowns.  Pray that we rest in the peace that God’s in control, which is infinitely better than our own.

Prayer for discernment – We are facing a multitude of life altering decisions, both big and small, every step of the way.  Pray that God leads our hearts to the child we are intended to do life with so that our decisions follow His will.

Pray that hope will overcome fear – We face things daily that feel crippling and we lay in bed many nights in overwhelming fear about whether we are doing the right thing.  Pray that we allow that fear its time and then let it go as we lean into the assurance that God is present with us.

Pray for all the hard things still to come – We are certain that something, big or small, will go wrong along the way.  Pray that our hearts will be prepared for these difficulties and that we navigate them with maturity and patience. 

Pray for our marriage – With significant transitions and family changes comes difficulty in relationships.  Pray that Alex and I support each other during this time and lean on each other when it feels like too much.

Pray for our children at home – Life will change for Deco and Sylvan as well.  Even though we constantly talk about it and are changing elements of our home to represent it all, they are still too young to fully understand.  Pray that God works in their hearts to transition and attach well to their new sibling(s).

Pray for our child(ren)’s birth family – God knows what this family needs, whether it be physical healing, emotional healing, community support, etc..  Pray that God provides those things and blankets them with love in this difficult time.

Pray for our child(ren)’s living situation – Orphanages can be incredibly tricky systems to navigate, so pray that all of the staff makes intentional, ethical decisions for the betterment of the children there.  Pray that there is genuine love in that place and that resources are being provided in such away that allows the children to grow and thrive.  Also, pray for the well being of the staff, as it is truly difficult work.

Pray for our adopted child/children – I could write a whole post on this one.  Pray that our little one(s) feel God’s love blanketing them in every moment.  Pray that they are safe and their basic needs are being met.  Pray that God used His divine power to meet our child(ren) where they are and begin preparing their hearts for all that is to come.